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Numerous surveys have shown that most homes do not have their home address numbers clearly visible, and in many cases, nothing at all. Emergency responders have consistently urged homeowners to make their homes easier to locate by placing their address numbers in a more visible area as well as making the numbers larger and easier to read. Not only is this important to emergency responders, but also affects many of you who provide customer service repair and maintenance services to the general public.

When you have the opportunity to provide your services to your customers, here is an excellent opportunity to offer some additional service with a quality product that both you and the homeowner will benefit from. Most homeowners will agree their address numbers are not very well marked and they would like to get it fixed but they just don’t know where to start. It becomes another project and they just don’t want to deal with it!

That’s where you come in!!! By pointing out to your customer the difficulty you had in locating their home allows you to present a high quality product with a 10 year warranty at a very affordable price. We sell all of our products to you at wholesale rates which allows you to offer them at a reasonable price to your customers.


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