Rural Address Markers

For rural applications, our reflective markers come with a large white reflective number over a reflective colored background of your choice, red, blue, or green. Our white curbside markers are also extremely effective.

City Curbside Address Markers

For city applications, our reflective curbside numbers (markers) were originally developed to do away with the typical address stenciling or painting. The high reflective properties of our reflective address numbers are what set it apart from all other reflective address markers.

Reflectaddress comes in four(4) colors:
White, Blue, Green & Red

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"I live in an area where there are no street lights whatsoever. When it's night time, it's pitch black and as I turn down my street I can immediately see my blue reflective markers a 1/4 mile down the road. When passing my home at 40 mph, I can clearly read my entire address. I absolutely love my address numbers."

Jim Cantwell
Cottonwood, Ca.

"As a 70 year old widow it's important to me that if I need any type of emergency service, I want to make sure they can find my home without any problems. I'm very pleased with my Reflectaddress numbers. Many of my neighbors have had their curbs painted in the past and they have either faded or washed away and have become unreadable. When my numbers become dirty, they clean up nicely with some Comet or Soft Scrub and look brand new again."

Maxine Schuster
Redding, Ca.

"My first set of Reflectaddress markers were the white with black numbers that I placed on our curb. As each of my daughters turned 16, it seemed as though they were taught to drive by braille. Each time I cleaned them, they came out looking great. But after 3 daughters and friends, I finally decided to build an address post where my new green markers would be much more visible and away from danger. As you can see, they look great!! My address numbers and post get a lot of compliments. One suggestion, keep your address post 3 feet away from the curb!!!"

Bruce Smith
Anaheim, CA.

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