I live in an area where there are no street lights whatsoever. When it’s night time, it’s pitch black and as I turn down my street I can immediately see my blue reflective markers a 1/4 mile down the road. When passing my home at 40 mph, I can clearly read my entire address. I absolutely love my address numbers.

Jim Cantwell
Cottonwood, Ca.

As a 70 year old widow it’s important to me that if I need any type of emergency service, I want to make sure they can find my home without any problems. I’m very pleased with my Reflectaddress numbers. Many of my neighbors have had their curbs painted in the past and they have either faded or washed away and have become unreadable. Mine still look great!

Maxine Schuster
Redding, Ca.

When I recently attended one of our local Home and Garden shows I came across a booth advertising reflective address numbers. I expected to find someone placing vinyl address numbers to a metal plaque covered with reflective tape. Once I viewed the Reflect Address numbers, I was quite impressed. Unlike the metal plaque I was used to seeing, these address numbers were much more versatile for installation. They also come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. I purchased the numbers along with the outdoor adhesive pads and installed them on my mailbox. The installation was a breeze and my address numbers look great! Especially at night! This is a great product and I highly recommend.

Brian Packham
Redding, CA.

My first set of Reflectaddress markers were the white with black numbers that I placed on our curb. As each of my daughters turned 16, it seemed as though they were taught to drive by braille. Each time I cleaned them, they came out looking great. But after 3 daughters and friends, I finally decided to build an address post where my new green markers would be much more visible and away from danger. As you can see, they look great!! My address numbers and post get a lot of compliments. One suggestion, keep your address post 3 feet away from the curb!!!

Bruce Smith
Anaheim, CA.

Attached is a picture of the Reflect Address numbers on my mailbox post. The numbers have been mounted for over a year and still appear brand new- even after the extreme summer heat and winter cold. I love how they “light up” at night and people have no problem finding my house. Like you mentioned during your sales promotion, the additional safety provided by the ease of finding my house is a definite benefit.
I have never returned to a vendor to thank them for a product, but I am now. Thank you for this product!

Jeff Dilworth
Cottonwood, CA.

Number quality and legibility is way better than I expected. Double sided adhesive pads worked great, even with this mornings temperature at 26 degrees and a good breeze blowing. Went out (with my wife’s hair dryer in hand) and the numbers tucked into my pants to keep them warm, and installed them on the white vinyl post holding her new bird feeder (Christmas present). I used the hair dryer on the post, just warming an area the size of a single number until the post didn’t feel cold to the touch. Pulled a number out of my pants, peeled the back and they stuck like flypaper. Good adhesive. My post is set back from the road approximately 25 feet and is roughly at a 45 degree angle.I have already had many positive comments from neighbors and the pizza delivery guy.
Thanks for a great product.

Jack Sweeney
Canton, Connecticut

We purchased your product for our first home a couple of years ago. Since then we have recently upgraded and bought a new home. Our new home is located on a flag lot and is tucked back off the street along with 2 other homes. There is a single driveway that brings visitors back to our homes. Needless to say, our home is very difficult to find. The previous owner (as well as our 2 neighbors) never placed any address numbers out at the street or up near their home. We immediately contacted your company and purchased 2 sets of numbers along with 2 posts and caps. Now when my neighbors give people directions to their home, they give people our address and tell them that their house is next door to the home with that address. Both of my neighbors asked me where we bought them because they wanted to purchase them as well. The 3 of us are now planning to go in together to purchase 3 new sets of address numbers from your company so that we can hang 3 plaques from a post with all of our address numbers clearly listed. We’ll place the new post out at the front of our driveway near the street so that people will notice that all 3 of our homes are down that driveway in the back. Here are some pictures we took to show how nice our new address posts look as well as how effective they are at night!

Kerry Endres
Redding, CA.

We love our new address post. It’s elegant and, best of all, easy to see during the day or at night in our very rural no street lights environment. Thank you, Steve, for an excellent product and for your wonderful service.

Ann Vanlaningham

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