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Step 1

Wire brush concrete surface to remove dirt and old paint.

Step 1

Step 2

Place a straight line just below the top of the curb at the desired level.

Step 2

Step 3

Place concrete/asphalt adhesive to the back of the marker per instructions.

Step 3

Step 4

Start by placing the top edge of marker along the straight edge made in step #2. Press down with a slight twisting motion, working the adhesive from the center out to each edge.

Step 4

Step 5

Clean up any excess glue with mineral spirits or paint thinner.

Step 5

Installation Video

Watch our short 5 min video on how to apply our concrete adhesive

Play Video


If surface temperature exceeds 90 degrees, the address markers may tend to slide. If this happens, take a long strip of masking tape or painters tape (blue), and place it across the face of all the markers while they are in a straight line, extending the tape beyond the markers and affixing the ends to the concrete surface. Next, take a short piece of duct tape and place the duct tape across (perpendicular to) the masking or painters tape making sure it will not peel off. Let stand for approximately 2-3 hours for glue to begin to harden. Peel off tape, make any final adjustments and clean up excessive glue with paint thinner.

Versatile Forms for Installation

Our address markers can be installed in several different ways. Our peel and stick adhesive pads are the most common. They’re easy to use and they’re bonding strength is extremely effective, whether they’re placed in extreme heat or the bitter cold of winter. Our address markers can also be drilled for mounting with nails or screws on many different types of surfaces such as wood, plastic etc… When wishing to mount our address markers on concrete, asphalt, or rocks our concrete/asphalt adhesive is fantastic.

Things to consider

The reflective properties of the Reflectaddress marking system is what sets it apart from other address markers. In order to maximize the reflective properties, whenever possible, place your address markers at approximately a 45 degree angle to the street. This installation will give you the greatest amount of visibility from a long distance away as well as close up. Depending on where your home is located, emergency services may come from either direction. In such cases, it may be advantageous to have 2 sets of markers. Install your post near the driveway entrance in a diamond shape so it faces the street with a 45 degree angle in both directions. Install your address numbers on both adjoining sides.


Periodic maintenance of your address numbers is essential, especially if your numbers are located down on your curb. Street sweepers, and frequent tire scuffs can leave your address numbers looking a little dull. Take a small amount of Comet, Ajax, Soft Scrub or even some Orange Hand Cleaner with pumice, and a damp rag and lightly buff all the markers. A quick rinse will leave your address numbers looking like new again.

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